Vakterm: Parallax

Sinds augustus schrijft Noraly van Frontrend voor Techgirl.com. Haar serie over vaktermen is daar te lezen (in het engels).

Deze keer over parallax en de voor- en nadelen.

Are you entering the world of web design or development and are you stumbling upon tech jargon? I’m here to rescue you! I’m writing a series about tech jargon, and this week my post is about Parallax. What is it and why must you use it?

Parallax is a scrolling technique mainly used with images. Images are scrolled over at different horizontal and vertical speeds. It creates the illusion of depth. This technology is increasingly used online. Previously, it was used mainly in 2D games to create a 3D feel. The background layer is moving a lot slower than the layer in the front. An example of this is the game Tiny Wings, but also the classic of all times, Super Mario uses this technique.

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